Wicked Pittsburgh Launch

wickedpgh2This past month, we linked up with the founders of Wicked Pittsburgh: an artist collective cultivating community and charitable outreach initiatives in the 412.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 6.14.31 PMThe collective’s organizers currently host a handful of artists on their website, promoting their works through Wicked’s online shop, and working with each to sell unique selections of mixed media art.

Alongside Wicked, our goals to give back to the community through art align perfectly–artists onboard contribute a portion of their proceeds from sold works to a different local charity each month.

With that, any items sold on High Prospects’ Wicked shop will help benefit this month’s charitable organization – Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh  – with charities to follow in the coming months:


Feel free to browse the Wicked website, check out the current works featured under HP’s artist profile, and stay posted for new drops.

Whether you purchase a Ganja Girl Windbreaker, a handmade marble ashtray, an art print, or a custom ashtray/lighter set: rest assured you’ll be paying it forward to a great cause!

Shoutout to Wicked founders, Michael Schwarz and Zach Nellis, for supporting our mission and making this possible.

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