Dope Women

Lady Hustlers, Tastemakers & Women in Weed

Vol. 1

by Leah Kennedy

Blunted Objects

Cannabis culture is properly emulated by the Dope Women creating it – from shop owners, to artists, to growers, bakers and cultivators.

As trends and concepts evolve, women are finding continued success as leaders and industry pioneers. According to a recent study published in Marijuana Business Daily, over a quarter of canna-businesses are currently owned or founded by women.

The first installment of HP’s #DopeWomen segment highlights powerful canna-business ladies blazing a path in lifestyle, health, wellness and growth.

Bad Bees/Bath Bees

Bad Bees

Browse Bad Bees’ instagram page for a mouthwatering display of dank desserts, cannabis cakes and sweet treats by pastry chef/recipe creator, Mel Francoeur, of Montreal, Quebec. Francoeur and her partner, Ben, recently launched Bath Bees-a new cannabis venture and online shop featuring CBD-infused bath bombs and salts.

The Bath Bees webpage states that the newly inspired project came about after learning of the many benefits CBD provides to the body.

Next up? Bath Bees plans to release a complete bath and body collection.

Blunted Objects

Blunted Objects

LA resident and Blunted Objects founder Melodie Ling strives to ‘bridge the gap between upscale fashion and the present day stoner,’ creating custom jewelry and accessories for sophisticated lady smokers.

The online shop and site showcases stoner-chic apparel for the grown and sexy, from bracelets and body chains, to pot leaf-embellished eyeglasses.

Be sure to read up on Ling’s mission, and browse her latest collections for classy compliments to your 420 wardrobe.

Cannabis Concepts

Cannabis Concepts

In the heart of Detroit, MI, you’ll find Chef Gigi cooking up medibly infused goodness for Cannabis Concepts: a cannabiz offering services from catering, to consulting and event planning.

In addition to workshops and educational seminars, Gigi hosts A Taste of Cannabis: a themed dinner party series complete with a five-course medible meal and canna-infused cocktails. Recently, she took home the title of Best Chef at the 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup in Michigan. 420 Tacos and medible quesadillas graced the menu at Gigi’s booth during the festival.

Grow Sisters

Grow Sisters

Siobhan Danger Darwish and Sloan Reed of Humboldt California’s Blessed Coast Farms strive to reach women and growers within the agriculture/cannabis realm and beyond. When Darwish began teaching her younger sister (Reed) how to grow, they branched out to reach the masses. 

The Grow Sisters created their own YouTube Channel to educate viewers on cannabis cultivation, and offer a closer look into what goes down at Blessed Coast Farms.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about growing, or want to check out the movement: subscribe to their channel for this season’s harvest, highlights and instructional videos throughout the process.

Lifted Ladies

Lifted Ladies

Lifted Ladies’ loud packs are stuffed to the brim with stoner goodies and mad love for tokin’ subscribers. Slated as the first 420-friendly box for women, Lifted Ladies provides members with cute, themed gift boxes for a small monthly subscription.

Each month’s theme is previewed on LL’s site and socials; and members can expect to receive their gift box at the end of each month. Boxes include everything from stickers, rolling papers and coloring books; to jewelry, candles and custom glass pieces.

Want a cool stash? Browse the shop, preorder your purchase, and wait for the goods to arrive.

Peep High Prospects socials or subscribe to our page for future posts highlighting dope women making moves in cannabis.


*Featured image via Blunted Objects.

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